Conference Schedule

Thursday February 6th 2020

Time Title Speaker
Session A Earth observation systems Chair: G. Schimak
09:00 Automated processing of Sentinel-2 products for time-series analysis in grassland monitoring , T Hardy
09:20 Redefining Agricultural Insurance services using Earth Observation data. The case of Beacon project. , M Lekakis
09:40 Quantifying Uncertainty for Estimates Derived from Error Matrices in Land Cover Mapping Applications: The Case for a Bayesian Approach , J. Phillipson
10:00 Unsupervised learning of robust representations for change detection on Sentinel-2 Earth Observation images , M Aubrun
10:20 Producing mid-season nitrogen application maps for arable crops, by combining Sentinel-2 satellite images and agro-meteorological data in a decision support system for farmers , M Lekakis
Session B Data infrastructures Chair: D. Havlik
11:00 Investigation of common big data analytics and decision-making requirements across diverse precision agriculture and livestock farming use cases , S. Mouzakitis
11:20 Using virtual research environments in agro-environmental research , R. Lokers
11:40 Models in the Cloud: Exploring Next Generation Environmental Software Systems. , W Simm
12:00 ELFIE - The OGC Environmental Linked Features Interoperability Experiment , K. Schleidt
12:20 Design of a Web-Service for Formal Descriptions of Domain-Specific Data , J. Sidler
Session C Data-driven methods in action Chair: K. Schleidt
13:40 Interoperability of solutions in a Crisis Management environment showcased in Trial-Austria , G. Schimak
14:00 Computational infrastructure of SoilGrids 2.0 , L. de Sousa
14:20 Mathematical estimation of particulate air pollution levels by multi angle imaging , O. Vernik
14:40 Interpolation of Data Measured by Field Harvesters: Deployment, Comparison and Verification , T. Reznik
15:00 Defining and classifying infrastructural contestation: Towards a synergy between anthropology and data science , D. Dalakoglou
Session D Food data analytics and intelligence Chair: S. Osinga
16:00 Diet modelling: combining mathematical programming models with data-driven methods , A. Ivancic
16:20 Dietary intake assessment: from traditional paper-pencil questionnaires to technology-based tools , E. Brouwer-Brolsma
16:40 Machine learning algorithms for food intelligence: towards a method for more accurate predictions , I. Polychronou

Friday February 7th 2020

Time Title Speaker
Session E Agri-informatics Chair: S. Frysinger
09:20 Can we use the relationship between within-field ele tion and NDVI as an indicator of drought-stress ? , B. Maestrini
09:40 WISS a Java continuous simulation framework for agro-ecological modelling , D. van Kraalingen
10:00 Predicting Nitrogen Excretion of Dairy Cattle with Machine Learning , H. Mollenhorst
10:20 AGINFRA+: Running Crop Simulations on the D4Science distributed e-Infrastructure , R. Knapen
Session F Internet of Things Chair: G. Schimak
11:00 An environmental sensor data suite using the OGC SensorThings API , H. van der Schaaf
11:20 Real-time visualization of methane emission at commercial dairy farms , D. Schokker
11:40 CLARITY Screening Service for Climate Hazards, Impacts and Effects of the Adaptation Options , Denis Havlik