Environmental Application in the scope of the Future Internet

Convenor: Jose Lorenzo

Information and communications technologies (ICTs), most notably the Internet, are increasingly shaping our world. A growing number of citizens, companies and public services use the Internet daily to access, use and create information. New trends are observable and already demanding new developments that we could summarize by the term “Future Internet”.

Future Internet comprises a broad range of technology advances in the area of smart infrastructures and smart applications, such as Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Sensor Networks, Cloud Security or Big Data.

Within the area of ICT for the environment, a great deal of effort has already been invested in improving interoperability of data across both environmental domains and administrative borders. However, work still needs to be done on the harmonization of environmental data both within and across domains, especially when dealing with large heterogeneous data holdings. Much of the existing work included workarounds for shortcomings of the current internet infrastructure, in particular with respect to robustness, scalability, and quality of service.

This session is open for contributions to any example of application in the area of Environment demanding use of the capabilities expected by the Future Internet platform, e.g.:

  • Data and context management functionalities
  • Support for Data Processing and Process composition
  • Security and privacy support
  • Semantic Support for interacting with heterogeneous data sources
  • IaaS management or scalable storage based on cloud services
  • Support for fusion data services
  • Standardised Interface to Networks and Devices