Linked Open Data – fostering Environmental Services

Convenors: Martin Kaltenböck, Rudolf Legat

These days the amount of data is rapidly growing and thereby new efficient and sustainable mechanisms and technologies are needed to handle these challenges of a rising data economy.
The current open data movement and the innovative principles & technologies of Linked Open Data (LOD) provide powerful new possibilities of data publishing, data consuming and data integration to foster innovative environmental services as well as services and applications for sustainable development.
The 'ISESS2013 Linked Open Data Track' brings together people working in the area of environmental services that are already using (Linked) Open Data and / or are interested to learn more about the LOD principles and benefits.
We are looking for papers in the field of (but not limited to):

  • Web based information management systems that publish (Linked) Open Data & Open Data portals & catalogues of the environmental sector.
  • Best practicse applications, services and mash ups related to the environmental domain that consume (Linked) Open Data.
  • Management of meta data in the envionmental domain using (Linked) Open Data principles.
  • Services and Applications that support disaster management & decision making in the environmental area.

The main fields of interest are as follows (but not limited to)

  • Water related topics,
  • Climate change,
  • Clean energy (renewable energy and energy efficiency),
  • Industrial productivity and environment,
  • Overall sustainable development.